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Serial Entrepreneur


I have created brands, built restaurant concepts, owned a hotel, run eCommerce stores, built countless websites, designed SaaS-products and dabbled a bit in graphic design.


My Strengths

The things i enjoy most: creating brands, designing software products, building websites and selling stuff.

Branding & Concepts
Sales (SaaS, Goods & Services)
Design (Figma, AI / PS, Process)


We started Pictue back in 2022 and launched our photo documentation SaaS -platform in Q3 of 2023. The target market is the Public sector and FTTH business.

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Shave Club.

As a “science project”, I founded Shave Club back in 2015, built everything from scratch and eventually sold the company in 2022.

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A 2 year project for the SuperJymy Baseball-team, including an eCommerce store, a connected POS-system for their Stadion, as well as the designing, sourcing and selling of Jymy branded merchandise.

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I started MarjexBar back in 2018, a chain of smoothie bars with multiple locations in both Finland and Asia.

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Work History

Since 2022

Product architecture, processes, business model, marketing, customer aquisition and sales. Basically anything and everything a startup need.

2015 - 2022
Shave Club Finland

Founder & CEO. Built the business from the ground up, including the eCommerce store, brick & mortar stores, product lines and designs.

2012 - 2022

Chairman & CEO. SaaS architecture design, meditech consultation and a lot of sales.

2016 - 2022

CTO, product packaging design, smoothie concept building.

2017 - 2022
Outlet Factory

Chairman & CEO. Wholesales, import business, concept creation services and eCommerce.

2014 - 2020

Founder & CEO. Built the business from the ground up, designed the software, hardware and business model.


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